Motorpsycho - Changes lyrics

I was born in the middle of a big city
I grew up with asphalt & traffic jam
I think concrete buildings are so pretty
May sounds weird,but that's the way I am

They want me to wear hats and boots and torquise
Just because I like to pick some country stuff
Why do I have to look just like a cowboy?
I don't want to be acting as a bluff!

But I like to sing Odelay,odelay,odelay
And I think it's fun : hey-di-hey-di-hey-di-ho
Changes are so hard when it goes against your will (x2)

I don't have to lead a cow to be a cowboy
I don't have to own a horse to take a ride
Pickin' & singin' my music is the real joy
I love livin' this way,that's my pride

Repeat 1st verse