Motley Crue - In The Beginning/Shout At The Devil lyrics (Chinese translation). | In the beginning
, Good always overpowered the evils
, Of all man's sins...
, But in time
, The...
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Motley Crue - In The Beginning/Shout At The Devil (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: In the beginning
ZH: 在开始

EN: Good always overpowered the evils
ZH: 好总是制服了邪恶

EN: Of all man's sins...
ZH: 所有人的罪...

EN: But in time
ZH: 但在时间中

EN: The nations grew weak
ZH: 联合国变得衰弱

EN: And our cities fell to slums
ZH: 我们的城市下跌至贫民窟

EN: While evil stood strong
ZH: 虽然站在强的邪恶

EN: In the dusts of hell
ZH: 在地狱的粉尘

EN: Lurked the blackest of hates
ZH: 隐藏着最黑暗最讨厌

EN: For he whom they feared
ZH: 为他们担心他

EN: Awaited them... Now many many lifetimes later
ZH: 等待着它们的......现在很多很多生存期以后

EN: Lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down,
ZH: 放置被毁,被殴打,殴打下来,

EN: Only the corpses of rebels
ZH: 只的反叛者的尸体

EN: Ashes of dreams
ZH: 梦想的灰烬

EN: And blood stained streets
ZH: 血染街头

EN: It has been written
ZH: 已写得

EN: "Those who have the youth
ZH: "那些年轻、 有能力的人

EN: Have the future"
ZH: 有未来"

EN: So come now, children of the beast
ZH: 所以现在来,兽的儿童

EN: Be strong
ZH: 坚强

EN: And Shout at the Devil
ZH: 和魔鬼大吼