Motörhead - Poison lyrics

Over the top!
People tell me you didn't know better
Give me sermons 'bout the things I do
Come to love 'em, even wrote letters
You know I even asked it of you, I said
I've been doing poison
I guess I poisoned my life
I love my poison
It's better than marrying a wife

On the road, the pace is getting frantic
'Specially when you're poisoned out your mind
A flight of stairs is like swimming the Atlantic
When you're poisoned, and deaf, dumb and blind, I said
I take my poison
I guess I poisoned my life
I wish I was poisoned
I wish I'd poisoned my wife

My father, he used to be a preacher
Never taught me nothing but scorn
If I ever catch him on the street, yeah
I'll make him wish he'd never been born, because
He was poison
I know he poisoned my life
Yeah he was poison
I wish my mother wasn't his wife, no!