Mostknown - Never Let Go lyrics

Never let go, I just want you to hold
Just stay by my side
And never let go
I want to be your laugh and i want to be your smile,
I want to be the man
That will walk down the aisle
(with you)



(1st Verse: Lil MagiK)

I love you girl
And don't let go your special to me
Together me and you
We can succeed
I'm happy with you
And thankful that you're mine
You one special girl
You're one of a kind
Together we gonna ride
Hopefully your always by my side
It's the first time in my life
That I feel this inside
Me and you
Holding hands talking to eachother making plans
Forget about the past
Throw that shit away
I want you to stay
Cus' your my life, your my everything
You're the moon in the night
You're the star in the sky
Nobody can come through me and you
Cus it's only us 2 and babygirl just remember that
I Love You


(2nd Verse Chitos)

(You Complete Me)-In my dreams
(You Complete Me)-In my fantasies
It seems to me that you're all I need
Ever since you came to me
You've always been in my dreams
And that's the reason why, I have suceed
Girl you're my all
With nobody else, my one and only
No matter what the future brings, I'll always love you


06 07 were the years our lives went to heaven
Promise me you'll never let go
And promise me that you'll always stay close
3 words for you baby I love You
And baby tht's truth


(3rd Verse Tico)

BabyCakes Don't let go; lets hold on to eachother
For a long time
Cus we got somethin' special goin' on
Can't let go of something that's hard to find
Baby aint gonna lie you are one of a kind
You're so pretty, you're so fine
I'm so glad that you're mine
I wanna keep you forever, till the end of time
Best believe the love we have
Will always shine
Give me all your heart and I'll give you mine

(4th Verse Drama)

It's me and you from now untill we die
I'm always going to be here for you the love i cannot hide
Cus you know we got together on that special day
I love you babygirl but there's more that I can say
Like the way I love your eyes
Looking at me too
Nothing matter in this world but the love that i have for you
Like your personality the only thing that carries me
Your the reason why I smile on every start of the day
I guess what I'm trying to say is that (that)
Baby Never Let Go