Mos Def - Embassy lyrics

Mentioned that he worked for the embassy
People seem to find that interesting
High status, intrigue and mystery
Special code name on the hotel registry

I love it when they say enjoy your stay
You see how they mean it 'cause that's the way they've been trained
Show you to your room, a suite with a view
Well, if anything at all, do not hesitate to call

Nice, the greatest, the greatest
Compliments, tooth brush, tooth paste, razors
A Bible, a Quran in a drawer or depending where you are
Tend to whisper through the walls, she was calling on God

The greatest, the greatest
Salutations, congratulations, reservations, exclusive arrangements
Dinner with the patrons, the scenery is amazing
It's so outrageous, they whisper when they say it

When it's really real it's even realer than the matrix
Classic, modern, ancient flagrant
Get a special thrill every time they get to say it, peace

I work with the embassy
On behalf of imagination industry
I come visit, you come visit
Such a pleasure, official business

The embassy