Mortuus - Rebirth In The Sterile Triad Of Six lyrics

Before the outpouring of transient worlds
the Vast Darkness was in Itself
He was not, and I in Him
in a rest of perfect Darkness

Still-born existence, rejoicing in a pitch-black womb
Death was yet to deliver this child

Before the Great Sea overflowed... when the pillars collided
the Vast Darkness in Itself
in a paradox existence, where the creative principle are of Itself
a lidless eye opened Itself in the emptiness - Death fell
...yet there is hope for all...

the still-born spirit rests with Gods
in a Sterile Triad, before the ' joins -
in deathless Death, that life has not yet touched
redemption is delivered, through the bliss of the Lord

He was not, and none in Him... in a rest of perfect Darkness
still-born worlds, once potent in pitch black womb
Death delivers the child