Mortem - A Demon Tale lyrics

The raven spreads its wings, as the sun comes down
Once again, at the old priest's shelter, to tell his
Tale he begins:

"Since the dawn of far away times he
Walks amongst human race, lord of darkened
Ways, master of infamous remains

It is said that in the old tribunal days,
A man was accused of sorcery.
The inquisitors made him confess, he should perish in
Agony. Buried in an ordinary hearse after a hundred
Whiplashes, his grave was
Profaned shortly after, they never found his ashes

Rabisu possessed his rotten soul,
From the realm of the dead he returned

Each inquisitor silently slept, ignoring the terrible
Vengeance. At an uncanny, mysterious doorcall,
They woke up to face the presence
And found such an infernal death, that Hell rose up
While they bled and for ten days of devilish horror
The haunted blood rain it did

Since then and for every century, their descendants
Fall one by one, in hellish nights of torture and
Diabolic lust for blood."

The raven spreads its wings,
The sun already came down at the old priest's shelter,
A demon calls at the door

The priest falls severed apart,
The lethal revenge took its final toll

* Lead: Nebiros

Evil walking dead arise from the grave,
Vengeance boils in Hell, they'll take your life by

* Lead: Rosan