Mortal - Vilan C0rp (Spy Mx) lyrics

[AD2001.Tru-parallel.Nu dallas.Apex Hotel.Cepter Vilan.CEO.Ciana Crae.rogue journalist,mother of two]

You've got a break-neck schedule
Thank you for your time
A quick, candid interview if you would be so kind
Answering to burning questions
The public wants to know
What makes a man so infamous?
What fuels Vilan Corp?

Do you deny you have masterminded and funded wars
With astronomical sums?
Those were your bombs!
And can you deny
You've somehow rationalized
Profit at the cost of life?

Your wave is tidal
Your intellect - gargantuan
Your menace - vital
Your logic - labyrinthian

What's in store for Vilan Corp?
Will your empire fall?
Will your empire soar?
Your genius, maniacal
It's no mystery
How you have feigned the 'savior'
When you're the enemy

Your method - brutal
Your crimes - unspeakable
Your power curves exponential
But your height is reachable

If you can do what you want
Would you do what you want?
Tell the truth
Your secret's safe with me
They say it sets you free!

Your wave is tidal
Your intellect - gargantuan
Your power's vital
Yet there's something
You don't seem to understand
Your wave is tidal but ocean will overcome
And your intellect will fade like the setting sun
Maybe your power will hold
But how long can you stand?
Stripped of empire
Beneath you're just a frightened man!

Vilan Corp
Vilan Corp
Super Vilan Corp!
Vilan Corp
Vilan Corp
Super Vilan Corp!