Morrissey - That's Entertainment lyrics

Police car with a screaming siren
Pneumatic drill on a ripped up concrete
Baby wails, a stray dog howling
Brakes screech at a lamp light blinking

That's entertainment
That's entertainment

Smash of glass and a rumble of boots
Electric train and a ripped up phone booth
A hot day and a sticky black tarmac
A hot day and I'm wishing I was far away

That's entertainment
That's entertainment

Days of speed and a slow time Mondays
Wake up at 6 AM and think about your holidays
Open window and breathe in petrol
Cold flat with a dump (? A dump? It's fucking "damp" you moron) on the walls

Yes, that's entertainment
That's entertainment

Two lovers kissing over screams of midnight
Two lovers missing the tranquillity of solitude
Read grafitti of slashed seat affairs (??And what the fuck is this supposed to be? It' 'Slash seats or fares'"
Splattered walls and a kick in the balls
Is all that you get, in the name of entertainment