Morning... - Sleep Like A Wide Open Window lyrics

I was asleep, and so alive
More so than everyday life
Far away, I'd wait for me
But I found it best to leave me be
So we tied a string to the sun
Pulled towards the horizon
Well I don't know what i wanna see
But I don't want it in a dream.

All my days seem crystalline
Tiny gems you never leave
Hazes of green stick in your throat
And all that shit weighs down the boat
So we wait by our windowsills
The whole world at a standstill
Well I don't know what I wanna see
But I don't want it in a dream.

Every time I come home
It feels like I've been gone for years
Yeah, if home is where the heart is
Then it must be far from here
So my heart slips through my ribs
And tries to migrate to the south
But much like the wings of its companions
It has the cold to live without

So I watch this pretty picture
In slow decay while on display
I can't enjoy it while it lasts
The same thing happened yesterday
Wonder how could such a twilight
Seem so awkward and misplaced
Inside this little set of towns that we
Return to every day?