Morning Glory - Whole World Is Watching lyrics

I was standing on the stop
Thinking of humanity
When you came along so righteous with a new national hate
So convincing is the ardor of war and of men
It's harder to breathe than to believe you're a friend

You stick me in the back with a sideways smile
Unity's the front of a gang mentality
You're trying to burn the ashes
But they won't catch fire
While reason is coagulating in the mire

As the final poor man's carcass washes up on my shore
I don't know much but i know that wars begets more war

Are you willing to wait?
For another watergate?
This national uproar's got me in surrender
Fear is the sender

Cause the whole wide world is watching
But no one's doing anything
The whole wide world is watching
We justify the enemy

How unpopular it seems to be persuasive for peace
I got a mind full of destruction-
But it's only for me
Like a wedding vow i speak the word: equality
But alas i feel that everyone is stronger than me

You know that i was born against the O.I.A.
(oppression, ignorance, & authority)
But that is nothing new if you've heard what i say

As the mahatma sheds a tear, buried so deep underground
We continue to uphold the men who keep us down

Are you willing to die
For a president-sized lie?
For a man you've never met?
Why ask why?
We stick our brother
While the whole wide world is watching

All we are
And dreams to be
Come to pass,
It won't, you'll see
Should the land we claim to be
Chain the world so we are free
Though i try to see
I'm blinded by the light in front of me
Are we doomed to stumble on and to repeat?
Well so it seems