Morning... - Anywhere lyrics

I get closer
You get lovelier
My chest gets heavier
The weather is just miserable,
But you're just fuckin' wonderful,
Completely irresistible;
My head, it treats you like an invader, but I know Better:
Lucid dreaming.
If I will it, I can kill it
I can make you mine,
Or I can make myself a wreck
Cause I can't seem to get you off my mind.

And I'm shaking with the dead trees
Out the window of the building
They are swimming in the gloom
I am breathing in the mood
Well I'm out of things to say,
But my mouth, it runs on anyway.
As long as you will listen? I'm ok.

I paint and paint it gray,
You appear in color anyway,
But as long as I can will it,
You'll be an extra.
But you're as close to perfect
As a close-to-perfect person can be,
And you were made for me.
You were made to keep me company.
And I don't know what love is,
But I know that you do have me on a tether.
And when you walked me through the weather,
I never felt any better.

And when we speak, it's dangerous
And when we don't collide,
It's so exciting to be alive.
And when the city by the sea
Finally condescends to take me,
We'll know what it's like to be in the middle
When the world divides.

And when I feel like I'm hopelessly wandering in Tokyo,
I will call you.
And you can be my scarlet.
My foil.
Cause even though I sometimes don't feel like a Human being,
You make it worth it.
And when you walked me through the weather,
Never felt any better.