Morgan - What Is - Is What lyrics

What do you see? said the raven
As we stood on the burning sand
Him with his pale cold eyes
And me with my blistered hands

Him with his education
And me with my heritage
Him with his new-found freedom
And me with an empty cage

I see a faraway garden in the glare of an afternoon
One of the gates lies rusting and covered in poison blooms
Listen the sky is calling, and me I am planet-bound
God is an empty promise, and I am a ship aground

I see cylinder falling in the group of an endless night
Cold are the silent engines, forgotten the parasite
What is the price of learning? I give you a silver sea
One of these early mornings, this prisoner's soul flies free

Listen to me, said the raven, and I hope that you will understand
Turn from your pointless vision and undo what harm you can

There is no guarded secret, but that which is ocean wide
Why should the truth confound you, insisting that you reply?
Bury the proof of your passing, you must look to the coming side
Time is the right direction - the other is suicide
Learn from the smallest creature that life gave you eyes to see
Give yourself to the future and sacrifice sanity

For the sun travels on and the sky spins around
And our lives briefly flare and return to the ground
But you still look behind and you still won't let go
Of what's over and done, and you think that you know

What is - is what, as the day becomes the night
What is - is what, if you think that you're right, you're wrong
And if you think that you're wrong, you're right

What is - is what, so accept no fantasy
What is - is what, if you think that you're free, you're chained
And if you think that you're chained, you're free
You are free

Carrying on, said the raven, I believe that I would like to know
How many deaths you have died defending your faith from those who want to pierce your armour?
And sink you beneath the waves, offering false assumptions, delivering pure hate

What is - is what, and you ought to take my word
What is - is what, if you think you can hear you're deaf
And if you're deaf than you must have heard
You must have heard