Morgan Cunningham - Graffiti Vigilante lyrics

V1. A graffiti vigilante's
Standing next to me,
Drawing on a building,
And saying that its not wrong.
So i decide to join him,
Writting my name and
A cop comes along,
Let's start up this song.

CHORUS: And i feel like i'm standing all alone,
'Cause my outspoken friend has run home;
And i'm left there to explain to the cop:
That its just free expression,
And to lay off.
Too bad he doesn't see it my way,
Instead he is choosing the highway.
He doesn't, he's not.
Drags me with him,
Lesson taught!

V2.I see the graffiti vigalante
At the same exact spot;
That he was at last time,
I ask him why he wasn't caught.
He says "its elementary, my friend"
And asks me if i'd join him again.
But the cop comes along,
Lets continue this song.


V3.I see the graffiti vigilante,
Again, a week later;
I aske if he cares for the cause,
Or if he's a faker.
He says he really does care,
He's just smarter than i am.
And asks me if i'd join him yet again.
But the cop comes along,
Let's finish this song.


AFTERGLOW: As i look back on these events i see:
How stupid i was,
And how he tricked me.
I never saw the graffiti vigilante again,
I wonder if that cop ever arrested him.
I'll never draw on a building again and get caught,
Yea that's the lesson
I've been