Morbid Death - Empty Soul lyrics

I feel my eyes hot
My head is burning
I feel my eyes hot
My blood continues running

Strange and unknown felling
Odd visions... images
Journeys into inner self

Where am I roaming?

I still feel that fire
Burning in my chest
My old and awful scars
In contrast with a bird in its nest

Time passes, as the wind blows my life book
Pages of guilt, anger and tragedy
Summer's sand blow into my hot eyes
I really don't know my state of reality
I really don't know my state of reality

The strength of awful visions
Invading my conscious
The fire conquests
My supposed future promises You don't believe in God
I don't know why
You have so much doubts
But you still want to try
You are subdued
You struggle your way through

The real thing is that you don't have no command
You can't understand you're existence
But you try to find the man

Shout, you ignorant
Seek the sensation
In what do you believe?

You're a ship without a sail
So close, that you got paled
So close..