Moonspell - Lickanthrope

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Moonspell - Lickanthrope lyrics

Wolves gleam in human eyes
Stealing tears from divine
Break of hope, break of necks, hand on leash
Can't go wrong, lickanthrope!

Heart of a wolf breaking the bitter skin
Under the chaos, under the moon
The pack is gathering

Little red, riding hood
Godspeed, prostitute!
Under the stars, under Venus
The flock keeps giving

The night swallows the day
Her lips find a way
We don't want to be saved

Veil of a queen tying the hands of a king
In the name of the species, under the silks
Let the games begin!

Little red, riding hood
Godspeed your destitute
Under the stars, under Venus
The clock is ticking

Lunar skin, white as pearl
Collar wine, reap the thine
Ride the bitch to ecstasy
Can't go wrong, lickanthrope!