Moonlyght - A Tale from a Fantastic Kingdom lyrics

Watch the vast horizons
They wait for our glory to gain
And the stars shall shine tonight
To guide our paths and swords towards destiny...

To all of you... WAR!!!

The breed of chaos, we can feel it
But we fight with passion
The battle is far from over
We will bleed to conquer our reverence

Watch the nightsky majesty
With the blood-stained sword at hand
We slain our foes without mercy tonight
With blood and dignity

Entrance to another world
Where the sun is cold
And the stars dare to shine
Entrance to another world
Where the moon is dark
And ravens fall from the skies

And forever, for a long time,
We will stay alive in our hearts
We formed the bravest warriors in an age now forgotten by so much...
Memories of when we fought in the deep woods,
To the crystalline waterfalls inside the heart of the medieval times
And run to the northwar battles...
Without the fear to die,
Only certainty to win
Join us ! We are the blaze of victory!