Montana of 300 - Godly (Don't Doubt The God Album) (2017)

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Montana of 300 - Godly (Don't Doubt The God Album) lyrics

God over everything
To God almighty

[Verse 1]
I give praise
The truth it hurts
So lies is made
And men in search of power use religion to design a slave
See we are trying to find a way
While trapped inside this giant maze
Where niggas let that iron blaze
And lost in simple minded ways
Where we hear mothers cry and rage
And its to hard to hide the pain
Dont try to count up how much money ive made
Go count the lives ive saved
Theres so much light behind the shade
And everynight i climb the stage
Moving people on these tracks
With lines like they was riding trains
I aim to be the wise (?)
Who thinks like those twice his age
Been balling long as Isaac Hayes
That fire man whose eyes ablazed
Twelve passing judgement some days i would get harassed for nothing
Did massive stunting back in the day when the trap was jumping
Sold packs of bud and didn't have a budget still strapped in public
Somehow im winning and haters can't break the pattern of it
They mad at something their cash is coming and ask for nothing
I kept faith in God so I had it coming you got to love it
Between the Lord and my lyrics
I produce life like two lovers
I chase my dream with my team and watched it unfold like new covers
Dont try to act like you love us but on the inside you jealous
In times of comfort and fear they always show their true colors
I swear they hate on my success
But they give ear to my word
They fear what they heard, the Rap God is clear, I'm superb
Yeah Satans nervous
The demons sweating
I've picked the setting
I keep progressing and teaching lessons till hes beheaded
This lethal weapon
Unleashed aggression to keep from stressing with the deepest message
Might reach the heavens thats key possession
Dont fall into that Devils trap
Just look how far it set us back
Just know that you can broaden your horizon without steppin back
God never gave his word
You might be following that Devils map
To set someone up for a lie
They always start by telling facts
Lots of edits from different authors
Added lies to the saga
What understanding loving father dips his kids into lava
All religions are just a buisness with scriptures written by scholars
Where preachers try to sell hope and take your almighty dollar
We sat with them chains
And got hung like a swing set
And if you still sitting waiting then you haven't grown wings yet
Wings up thats elevation freedom thats what my team reps
Keeping digging cause theres history that you haven't seen yet
I used to eat with some gangsters
On that ave with them forks
And niggas knew where to find me either the trap or the court
Please keep your sons out them streets
Go put they ass into sports
And all my lyrics cut deep
Like i was rapping with swords
Im always bringing that heat
Like i was passing a torch
And giving credit to God
Like he was passing a course
So just let go of the worse
And just hold onto the best
While on that road to success you got to know that you're blessed
Possessed the power to heal
I taught myself how to use it
Yeah we all aim for the top but do you know how to shoot it?
See me i go through the music with hopes that you dont confuse it
Although this life is abusive understand life is exclusive
Dead men wish they was in our shoes
But had the chance and they blew it
Theres no more sex
Theres no more ticks
No bomb expert can defuse it
Theres no more Ls when life expires we hope God can renew it
While your loved ones left with that pain but you won't be there to soothe it
Im from the land of the laws where theres no way to recoup it
You pray to God and say you love him then be godly and prove it