Monster - No One Gets Out Alive lyrics

First thing I see, I'm way up here
Above the clouds, how can it be?
I'm falling down, right to the ground
There's no way to save my life

The wind is cold, it cuts through me
I see the earth, it's coming near
In the speed of sound, I touch the ground
No time to close my eyes

Then I wake up, tied to this chair
In a desert highway, that's not fair
Cause in the distance, I see a truck
Coming at the speed of light

I try to escape, but the ropes don't break
The truck is near, I can read its plate
There's no time left, feel impact
No time to close my eyes

That's the feeling I always get
When I get up on the stage
I don't even remember my name
Yes I'm giving all I have to give
But that's the living that I choose to live
Give me my bass and a mike just to get a start
And no one gets out alive!

I open my eyes and start to rise
Something is pushing me up to the skies
When will it end? the cloudsa again
They cut me like ten knives

But I keep on climbing, the space is near
That's when I cross the atmosphere
And at this stage, I disintegrate
With no time to close my eyes