Monster - Battle At Anthares Setor lyrics

[Original version "Batalha no Setor Anthares" by Vírus on "Sp Metal I"]

The forces cut straight through the clouds
The light of Anthares leads their way
They've got deadly weapons on their hands
And their armors reflects their hate
The light of Anthares
Reflected in every explosion
Eletronic commandos
Covering all the regions

Deafening noise's coming out of their wings
Making all the people terrified
An enormous, bloody, laser beam
Destroys every building that's in sight

They will never stop
'Cos they want to destroy you

They come from the sky in flames
Down to a planet that's going to die
The starships spread their lights
Discharging lasers in everything they find

Heavy Metal
Pulsing, shining on and on
The forces of beyond
Conjuring metallic legions

Battles are fought at the sky and earth
They have conquered almost all the land
Shots of fire, flames in the air
A final hellish battle is their plan

And they will not stop
Until they destroy you