Monotary Theory - Suitified Connection lyrics

It seems to me
I always find a way
To take something great

And throw it all away

My purpose known

And my intention
Is to break
A suitified connection

You all assume
That im confussed

But you're the one
That says your used

Its hard to be with you knowing where youve been

I hate that I say things that I never ment
So take my pain to another place

Take this pain any place

I always ponder

On pushing further

Am I awake
Could I be Blinder

Its hard to learn
Right from wrong

When your looking outside

But your trapped deeper inside

I yearn for faith

Faith that I will see this day

The day I know
That all this pain has gone away

Hate it what I breed
Not that its ment to be

Not that I have conseived

Don't keep it here anymore