Monica - Still Standing (feat. Ludacris) (SOS Save Our Selves Help For Haiti) (Live) (2010)

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Monica - Still Standing (feat. Ludacris) (SOS Save Our Selves Help For Haiti) (Live) lyrics

(Spoken)Mama always told me,baby You Gotta Walk By Faith And Not By Sight.Real Gotta Listen

Verse 1
Oh Listen To Me Now, I'm Gonna Say it Loud So You Won't Be confused By What We Talking Bout..I've been Through the Storm,Had Dirt On My Name.I'm still Holding On,Champion Of The Game,
They Say,Whatever don't Kill You Make You stronger,Well I Must Be The Worlds strongest woman.See I done done A Whole Lot Of Growing everything You Say I'm Already knowing...cause I

I Been up against the ropes,everything you going through i've been there before,Seen em all come and seen em all go.You can bet your last that my head wont hit the floor..NEVER..I'm still standing(standing),standing standing..i'm still standing ,standing, standing standing
verse 2
I had a lover take his own infront of me, i ask god why is this happening to me,but i didnt fold..i held my own,and now i'm deep in love with who i belong..this is my life,they say with age comes wisdom and a white flag i can't give em,tryna tell you how it's suppose to be..see this is more than just a song to me cause i

(ludacris rap)
I may have done the things they said i did but im not who they say i am..try to throw my name in the dirt but i really don'te a damn.I'm still standing like the statue of liberty and i put my name in the history books so you'll forever remember me..remember me as the toughest warrior or the ultimate fighter cause i'm the truth and nothing but it like my hands on the bible ,and its the survival of the fittest the realest is not a phasade,still standing on my two feet cause i'm a child of god..Do summin