Monica & Brandy - It All Belongs To Me (On Jay Leno) (Live) (2012)

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Monica & Brandy - It All Belongs To Me (On Jay Leno) (Live) lyrics

Lovin' you is hard
I feel like I'm boutta hurt myself
And I dont wanna do it baby
And lovin' you is so hard
And the way you act ain't been no help
Nah nah nah nah sugar
(yeah, you got it sweet don't you)

You must be blind
You must be dumb
You must be trippin
You must be crazy
(You must be out cho damn mind)

To think that I'mma let you off that easy

I know you mad
Cant take no more
But put that back
That aint yours
Have a fit
Slam the door
But leave them bags on the floor
That shit belongs to me
Those clothes, those cars, those rings, that MACbook
That shit belongs to me
So log off your Facebook
It all belongs to me

All you do is talk
Never knew you to do nothing else
You ain't good for nothin baby
It's like you got no heart
Cold as ice
And nothing can make you melt
No no no no baby
(But hold on one minute baby)



Ain't nothin leaving this house
Unless it's over my dead body baby
So pack up all the things you came with
Cause lovin' you is just too dangerous