Money Makin' Nique - Transitional (2013)

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Money Makin' Nique - Transitional lyrics

I got a point to prove nigga
Hey ey
asking me where I met life,
a transitional life
I got some Guccis nigga
where I'm with my dinner
I'm ending go living that jet the chat shit,
I'm a mama doing pistoling
occupation: I think I know what I'ma do
anybody that knows me probably tell you they no need peaceful
but my thoughts as I'm later so I'm only
all I do save me, why is that day dream,
fresh from the allest bitch she just turn 18
beans call her prailine dominate the cliche,
God I really need cake, I was broke on my B-day
bed rose like cheese cake, cheese burger, cheese taking
every nigga with me bout it, throw as we bay
so a nigga deny to me that's how we unlikely
was I use a pistol or I handle that she just righteously
hit a lit holiday, doubt bout a dollar day
curry car, curry bitch she could have..the day
I'm looking for that college thing,
tell em shopping I'ma slang and tryin to slame all
they all talking doctor dre
head it up the hill with the struggle shit
tryin to f*ck sisters up the wall sunny niggas on that uncle shit
They run it.

Nigga that look up tell me wrong, fuck it on me money, jet about me,
is mother f*cking dead dead dead dead dead dead dead
asking me where I'm met the life
I'm transitional and it's about time after been
these niggas know their motherf*cking dead dead dead dead dead dead dead

And see nigga f*ck me I'm about do while I'm busting up
kiss me on the dick tell daddy you was a little slut
answering me where I met life, I'm transitional your own way
..with swimming pools, I'm right in the middle too
it's like I'm always almost, not to smear it on hoes,
that's why I like it off you,
graphic, porno, bed villes, Rolls Royce
ask niggas bout out, for what they got no choice,
keep..that rock
That nigga money make a nigga I