Mondo Rock - Primitive Love Rites lyrics (Chinese translation). | Sun goes down 
, Rhythm hits 
, Oh that's just the start of it 
, Before you know it 
, All on the...
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Mondo Rock - Primitive Love Rites (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Sun goes down
ZH: 太阳下山

EN: Rhythm hits
ZH: 节奏命中

EN: Oh that's just the start of it
ZH: 哦,那是只是个开始

EN: Before you know it
ZH: 你知道它之前

EN: All on the move
ZH: 所有在移动

EN: Down to the local water hole
ZH: 到当地的水孔

EN: Drink until you lose control
ZH: 喝直到你失去控制

EN: Let the drum beat on
ZH: 让打上的鼓

EN: Let the show begin
ZH: 让戏

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: That's the way it's always been
ZH: 这是一直以来的方式

EN: Primitive love rites
ZH: 原始的爱礼

EN: Turn on your love lights
ZH: 打开您的爱灯

EN: Adjust it burn bright
ZH: 调整它明亮的烧伤

EN: Until two bodies meet
ZH: 直到两个机构满足

EN: Primitive love rites
ZH: 原始的爱礼

EN: This is our love night
ZH: 这是我们爱情的夜

EN: Baby just hold tight
ZH: 婴儿只是抱紧

EN: Until the ritual's complete
ZH: 直到仪式完成

EN: Wild ass, you got the wild hair
ZH: 野生的屁股,你得到的野生的头发

EN: You got the wild clothes
ZH: 你有野生的衣服

EN: You make the man stare
ZH: 要盯着的人

EN: When you move it up there
ZH: 当您那里向上移动它时候

EN: Like a rhythm machine
ZH: 像是一个节奏机

EN: Turn it up, turn it on
ZH: 把它,将其打开

EN: The ceremony has begun
ZH: 颁奖典礼已开始

EN: Won't stop until we hear the final scream
ZH: 不会停止,直到我们听到最后的尖叫声

EN: [Repeat Chorus]
ZH: [重复合唱]

EN: All alone
ZH: 孤独

EN: Backed by a jungle track
ZH: 丛林轨道作为坚强后盾

EN: The go two by two
ZH: 两个两个转

EN: Stacked it back
ZH: 堆叠在回

EN: Full moon shines on a crazy scene
ZH: 满月照在现场疯狂

EN: Another night has bit the dust
ZH: 另一个夜晚已归黄泉

EN: And we have done the things we must
ZH: 我们已经做了的事情,我们必须

EN: Lay it down and let me help you dream
ZH: 它躺下,让我来的帮你梦想

EN: [Repeat Chorus] x2
ZH: [重复合唱] x 2