Mondo Rock - Primitive Love Rites

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Mondo Rock - Primitive Love Rites lyrics

Sun goes down
Rhythm hits
Oh that's just the start of it
Before you know it
All on the move
Down to the local water hole
Drink until you lose control
Let the drum beat on
Let the show begin

That's the way it's always been
Primitive love rites
Turn on your love lights
Adjust it burn bright
Until two bodies meet
Primitive love rites
This is our love night
Baby just hold tight
Until the ritual's complete
Wild ass, you got the wild hair
You got the wild clothes
You make the man stare
When you move it up there
Like a rhythm machine
Turn it up, turn it on
The ceremony has begun
Won't stop until we hear the final scream

[Repeat Chorus]

All alone
Backed by a jungle track
The go two by two
Stacked it back
Full moon shines on a crazy scene
Another night has bit the dust
And we have done the things we must
Lay it down and let me help you dream

[Repeat Chorus] x2