Mona Ray - That Awkward Display Of Affection lyrics

Winter is here and Im breathing unsteady
Already Im waiting for the call
Holding me up and holding my hands
Whispering all of our plans
This cold air is killing the void that you left when we left this alone

I once knew a girl with such beautiful eyes
They could level you, yeah, they could paralyze at a sight
Oh, drop to the ground
Breathe, oh just breathe
You can leave if you want; you can take everything
But stop for a moment once again
If it feels like its right then its right
And as our eyes turn away we both move in a different direction
Dont we live such an awkward display of affection
Its got me spinning around and around

Winter is here, shes breathing unsteady
Already Ive waited for the call
Holding me up and clasping my hands
Whispering all her demands
This cold air is killing the buzz that we had when we left

(Im almost there)