Molly Marlette - The Allumette lyrics

It's dark for a city that never sleeps
It's cold for winter out on the street
There's no comfort that you'll find
To ease your change of mind

If I change mine as too compete
We'd get nowhere if I say what I think
There's a comfort, there's a bind
But is there time

You found my heart all in pieces
You light a match so I can see and
Ignite the stack of broken reasons
That keep it apart

Between us glass has turned to mirror
What I sees what I revere
The morning air is clear
Like nothing here

We don't mean each other harm
Does this mean anything
And light has kept me warm
But shines on everything

Last Chorus:
Us parting ways and changings seasons
It don't make up the lack of meaning
I always fall back on the reasons
That just fall apart

They just fall apart

And it keeps us apart