Moe. - Rebubula lyrics

Can't be bothered with the natural fact
I'm her slave and I can't look back
She's the Queen of the briny deep
Rebubula across the sea

Just like Sinbad I sailed my vessel true
Fled like Popeye from the Island of the Goon
Till her song, well it lured me off course
I think it came from the ocean floor

Rip off all my limbs
Poke out both my eyes
Pull out my swollen tongue
Wear a thin disguise
And the Sirens' song
Sweetly sucks me down
Into the ocean blue
I'll find my way back to you

Can't be bothered with the natural fact
I guess she's gone and she ain't comin' back
Been at the sea for forty days and forty nights
Let her go without any fight

Repeat Chorus

There she stands knee deep
At the ocean shore
Waves her arms like a matador
Like a matador of course
She's an East coast mama now
I know that for sure
And I'm going down for the third time
Going down the third

Down - Down - Down

Repeat Chorus