Modest Attraction - I Can't Live Without Your Love lyrics

Lyrics: Christian Liljegren
Music: Richard Eriksson & Stefan Selvander
John 11:25,26; 15:5

Oh since the day you came
Came into my life
Everything has felt so right
You made me glad
You gave me love
Like none has done before

For every step I take
I can feel that you are near
You're always walking by my side
With your open arms
Your love shines right to me
I can't believe that it's true

I can't live without your love
Lord you give me all that I need (2x)

Everything is possible
For our Almighty God
If you let Him take your hand
Receive His love and you will see
How wonderful it can be

(Acoustic guitars by Stephan Mohlin)
(Hammond organ by Richard Eriksson)