Modeselektor - Pretentious Friends lyrics

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh I know
Oh-oh no, oh no, oh no, oh I know

I run shit in this house
Like I was now or never
With no effort
I bet you I could change my name to Klaus
Or something mildly Flemish
Become a Saudi chemist
Or an Orange County dentist
Ouch, I'm whistling, trading and eating
Now poetry readings at AA meetings
I text you pictures of my keister or cervix
Or dead bodies from a Middle-Eastern skirmish
Damn, I'm oh so scooty
A bro gropes boobies
Have sex with Snow White
At the gym, on pedal bikes
Replenishing electrolytes
Your honored
I dip my junk in the fondue
Told boring stories, show my blonde pubes
I'm from the church of Satan's archdiocese
So I fart fire pits and heart giant tits

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh I know
Oh-oh no, oh no, oh no, oh I know

I'm a prick
All of our inane dialogue
And my day's minutia gets micro-blogged
Ew, plus I smell like Fido the dog
In gray Pumas
I look like Sideshow Bob
Urinate in what the cod-fish swims in
'Cause I think, I'm God's gift to women
Flirtin' with, about 30 Asian chicks with herniated discs
Eating turkey bacon bits

Busdriver: Nigga?
Pillow Talk: Oh hey boo, how you be?
Busdriver: Oh, oh. I saw you at the Cannes Film Festival.
Pillow Talk: Nah that wasn’t me. You didn’t see me down there, nuh-uh baby.
Busdriver: Oh, yes.
Pillow Talk: You talkin’ bout Cannes? You a con.
Busdriver: Tell me about it.
Pillow Talk: I saw you gettin’ jiggy at Sundance with no pants on.
Busdriver: In Holland?
Pillow Talk: Mhmm.
Busdriver: Hmm, do tell. I bought those shoes also for 30 Euros at the Champs-Élysées.
Pillow Talk: Nigga, please. These shoes, this cummerbund? Oh step, hon. Oh and by the way, the pâté?
Busdriver: The pâté was fabulous!
Pillow Talk: Goose liver nigga.
Busdriver: Yes.
(Get 'em)

Oh, I know
You want my R&B hook
Oh, I know
Your brains are partially cooked
When this breaks this pillow under the gourmet kibble your solar plexus be in this trouble hence the dribble it's what's beats for
There it is, my friendship's like a health plan
I think all the multi-tiered colored telegram
The movie trailer leaked
Well I hope they get the plumber's putty
My script writing takes 3 Welsh understudies
I enjoy the convos of the water buffalo
Hoes stop and hold I'm rocks sold through the double O's
Y'all niggas too think I'm a hot date
With a Prop 8 slashed out on my ballot box
Salad tossed into a chocolate cake 'cause I'm so cute
My hoes they look at me and their water break
And babies pop out with one gold tooth

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh I know
Oh-oh no, oh no, oh no, oh I know

I never, never repeat it over, and over, and over again
I'm one of your pretentious friends
Pretentious friends
Pretentious friends