Mod Sun - Australia New Zealand lyrics

So I, I dive straight to the center of my head
To find the words before they get said
To find the things I'll do before I'm dead
Reminise that when I was a kid

Tell them all how to stay positive
Tell them never ever take before they give
Tell them that I'm still learning
Tell them how to make a hit off a pitch thats curving

Tell them got to look behind the curtain
Not sure about myself I, I I'm certain
Don't even kick it no more I'm working
You can say you didn't feel it but I dont mean deed

That's money thats smooth let it kick
Just about as polite as they get
Yeah thats word to my mom taught me how to be a man
Instead of bringing a son into a cold world god damn

And I'll be damned to fight the last one
Two feet from the plan and still standin
Still moving them dreams arranged under none
Still speaking that deep shit canyon

Grand vision of the years to come
You aint learning anything if you aint teaching the young
I ain't a role model though I'd rather you be yourself don't follow

Keep it running beanie
I got this one
Health wealth success and happiness yeah

You posses no stress
Health wealth success and happiness
No I wasn't blessed I'm the same as the rest
But I was fly before I left the nest

Now I got wind beneath my wings
Got a little weak spot for certain things
But everyday I'm chipping away at that
Thinking my own song you don't need that you don't need that

No more fans got a shit load of friends
The world catching on my records
Getting love is Australia and New Zealand
An earthquake couldn't shake what in them

Your grasp
Like totally free take back
Cash in your potential greatness
Because it worth any checks

I'm in the park playing chess
Thinking which cold train song i like best
Or just want to match want to match the vibe
Took a friends sound and that lead to high five

If your afraid of heights then skydive
If your afraid of going fast then come take a ride
Clown around take a turn going 60
Getting out every thought thats in me

Health wealth success and happiness
Hippy hop