Mobb Deep - Water Boarding lyrics (Chinese translation). | Yeah 
, Waterboading hip hop i’m tortured the flow like water
, The drop over yeah here we go 
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Mobb Deep - Water Boarding (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Yeah
ZH: 是

EN: Waterboading hip hop i’m tortured the flow like water
ZH: Waterboading 嘻哈我折磨像水一样流

EN: The drop over yeah here we go
ZH: 在是在这里放我们去

EN: We usd to spit now i flow my soul to the shit
ZH: 我们 usd 吐现在我流屎我的灵魂

EN: Crazy god mom deep goes hard and never ends
ZH: 疯狂神妈妈深去硬和永远没有结束

EN: You can drown in the ocean the dopeness
ZH: 你可以在海里淹死是聪明人

EN: Jump in to this deep darker ..and swimming they wish
ZH: 跳转中到这深暗...和他们希望的游泳

EN: They pray, they hope, they dream make a piece soul fresh
ZH: 他们祈祷,他们希望他们的梦想使一块灵魂新鲜

EN: All my drive and passion super sees they attempts to do
ZH: 我所有的驱动器和激情超级看到他们尝试做

EN: Just like H just like P the .. reaven air they compare with this
ZH: 就像就像 P H...他们比较与此胜天开空气

EN: They lead niggas from new .. that’s hold this new .. they know who i ..
ZH: 他们从新带领黑鬼...这就是抓住这一新...他们知道谁我...

EN: You want that slow pain that’s so respect my team
ZH: 你要有那么尊重我的团队的缓慢痛苦

EN: Will get one tone more babe my vein they believe
ZH: 送一将音更多宝贝,他们相信我静脉吗

EN: The blood of a young done boy i squeeze if i pull a ..
ZH: 一位年轻人的完成我挤如果我拉血...

EN: And i sting like the bullets for the fight i would ..
ZH: 我一样的子弹为战斗我会蜇...

EN: And i said the bottom slow flow drip to the nigga pool
ZH: 我说: 到黑鬼池底部缓慢流滴

EN: No stop flows I’m about to ..a double mena sixteen
ZH: 我将不停流动...双 mena 十六

EN: This is that queen shit
ZH: 这就是那个女王

EN: [Hook x2]
ZH: [钩 x 2]

EN: I’m psycho regret get your brain wet
ZH: 我是神经病遗憾让你的大脑湿

EN: We can’t let the shit fall, the shit fall
ZH: 我们不能让屎秋天,狗屎秋天

EN: We too strong we too dope
ZH: 我们太强我们太涂料

EN: We torture these niggas would ..these niggas
ZH: 我们折磨这些黑鬼会...这些黑鬼

EN: We torture these niggas would ..these niggas
ZH: 我们折磨这些黑鬼会...这些黑鬼

EN: I think i’m .. chainy
ZH: 我想我...chainy

EN: George Bush the way i would aboard this niggas got more shop
ZH: 乔治 · 布什我会登上这个黑鬼的方式有更多的店

EN: .. i spit this fire got em coffin up sip
ZH: ..我吐这火有了 sip 的 em 棺材

EN: A .. committed as the judges ..the book
ZH: A...作为法官犯下...这本书

EN: So this is for my niggas checked it and done his ..
ZH: 所以这是我的兄弟检查它和做他...

EN: New coming do you know they girl spittin
ZH: 新增功能。。你来你知道他们爱的女孩

EN: Is just the way we’re livin society won’t forgive us
ZH: 是只是我们不知不觉社会的方式都不会原谅我们

EN: But we don’t ask forgiveness we take it that for sticker
ZH: 但是,我们不要宽恕我们都把它的贴纸

EN: Who won’t be apposition that’s when the plot i’m thinking
ZH: 谁不会是同位语就是在那时我在想的阴谋

EN: My money is so .. hwo you sleeping with the vicious
ZH: 我的钱是这样...hwo 你睡在一起恶性

EN: The world is mine i figure and everything that’s in it
ZH: 世界是矿井我图的是在它的一切

EN: The dead on my pop eyes have you nigags spinach
ZH: 在我流行的眼睛死了你 nigags 菠菜

EN: And so we ..the spot like old milk
ZH: 所以我们...像老奶现货

EN: I catch the bodies and they over to the Porterfield
ZH: 我抓到各机构和他们过去对波特菲尔德

EN: ..over kill stand over you ..still
ZH: ..在杀站在你...仍

EN: And be out over casket funeral
ZH: 会出棺材葬礼结束

EN: [Hook x2]
ZH: [钩 x 2]