Mobb Deep - The Infamous (feat. 50 Cent) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Prodigy]
, Just when you thought it was safe to come out
, Infamous all in your face, in your...
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Mobb Deep - The Infamous (feat. 50 Cent) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Prodigy]
ZH: [神童]

EN: Just when you thought it was safe to come out
ZH: 当你以为你是出来安全

EN: Infamous all in your face, in your mouth
ZH: 臭名昭著都在你的脸,在你的嘴

EN: That's right, niggaz best to stay up in the house
ZH: 是的最好待在房子里的黑鬼

EN: Watch we getting our money, for the two thou'
ZH: 看着我们两个你获取我们的钱,'

EN: Nigga, P back out in the streets, so what now?
ZH: 黑鬼,P 出来在大街上,所以现在怎么办?

EN: Strictly for the ghettos and hoods, in your town
ZH: 严格的少数民族居住区和敞篷,在你的城市

EN: Pableek(?) got bundles of drugs in your town
ZH: Pableek(?) 有毒品的捆绑在你的城市

EN: Like crack, coke and dope - remember me now?
ZH: 如裂缝、 焦炭和毒品-现在记起我吗?

EN: Queen Bridge xxxxxxxxxxxx we'll blow your house down
ZH: 我们会把你的房子吹下来的女王桥 xxxxxxxxxxxx

EN: We the big bad wolf that'll eat your food clown
ZH: 我们的大坏狼,会吃了你的食物小丑

EN: I ain't gotta huff and puff you know my style
ZH: 我不是得一怒之下,吹你知道我的风格

EN: Calm as xxxxx I just let my gun wild out
ZH: 作为 xxxxx 平静我只是让我的枪出野生

EN: I got cash xxxxxxxxxxxx I could have you touched
ZH: 我有我可以把你碰过的现金 xxxxxxxxxxxx

EN: But I rather be hands on with that son
ZH: 但我宁愿手上带着那儿子

EN: Certain things, you just gotta perform youself son
ZH: 某些东西,你就得执行自己的儿子

EN: When I start busting I don't stop till I hitting, c'mon
ZH: 开始抓我不阻止直到我打来吧

EN: [Hook: 50 Cent] + (Prodigy)
ZH: [钩: 50%] + (神童)

EN: Everybody got gangs everybody got clicks
ZH: 每个人都有帮派每个人都有点击

EN: But they ain't like this (the Infamous)
ZH: 但他们不是像这样 (Infamous)

EN: Everybody can't afford to live the lifestyle
ZH: 每个人都不能过的生活方式

EN: Of the young, black and rich (the Infamous)
ZH: 年轻人,黑和丰富 (Infamous)

EN: You ain't crazy, don't make me show you
ZH: 你不是疯了,别让我给你看

EN: Why they call us this (the Infamous)
ZH: 为什么他们叫我们这 (Infamous)

EN: We own the streets - who basically control
ZH: 我们自己的街道上-基本上控制的人

EN: This rap xxxx - G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit!
ZH: 这 rap xxxx-G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit!

EN: [Havoc]
ZH: [破坏]

EN: We got the most gangsta shit, the second most biggest projects
ZH: 我们有最粗暴,第二最大的项目

EN: We sold the most crack, since '86
ZH: 我们卖的最裂纹,自 86

EN: We don't handle a lot of pricks, we the most thug
ZH: 我们不处理很多刺,我们最恶棍

EN: You think you're dirty over there, but we're more dirtier
ZH: 你认为你脏在那边,但我们更脏

EN: We last more longer than them; more songs than them
ZH: 上次我们比他们 ; 更长更多比他们的歌

EN: More money for us, more broads than them
ZH: 对我们来说,更多的女人比他们更多的钱

EN: We get the most love in the streets
ZH: 我们找到最爱在街头

EN: I had the most tattoos, ever since thirteen
ZH: 我有最纹身,自从十三岁

EN: P got the most now; our guns are the most loud
ZH: P 有最现 ;我们的枪是最大声

EN: With enough bullets to down mostly the whole crowd
ZH: 用足够的子弹对下来主要是整个人群

EN: We drink the most Henny, yeah me and Jake
ZH: 我们喝的最 Henny,是我和杰克

EN: We smoke the most weed, that's mostly the haze
ZH: 我们抽烟大多数杂草,这是主要的阴霾

EN: Get the most (?) kicked on a nigga's face
ZH: 得到大多数 (?) 黑鬼的脸上踢了一脚

EN: Gotta be the most idiot nigga on the face
ZH: 一定要在脸上的最白痴黑鬼

EN: Of the Earth, to ever let the thought cross your head
ZH: ,地球,让思想穿越你的头

EN: That we're not the most likely to pop off kid
ZH: 不是我们最有可能弹出的孩子

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Prodigy]
ZH: [神童]

EN: Right now, I change guns with the season
ZH: 现在,我改变枪与季节

EN: When I was young I bought Ninja Stars on Jamaica Ave
ZH: 年轻时我买了牙买加 Ave 上忍者明星

EN: Hitting trees then; started hitting trees then
ZH: 然后 ; 击中树木开始然后打树

EN: We ran the train on the girls and on my family dance schools
ZH: 我们跑火车关于女孩和我家庭舞蹈学校

EN: We was beasting, little young heaven
ZH: 我们是 beasting,小小天堂

EN: I had the rainbow knife, and when I got my first gun I was cheesing
ZH: 彩虹刀,,,我的第一枪的时候起司我

EN: I couldn't believe it; I had the power of life or death
ZH: 我不敢相信它 ;我有生命或死亡的权力

EN: In the palm of my hands, fiending
ZH: 在我的手,手掌 fiending

EN: But quickly to be scheming; if you choose to front on me
ZH: 但很快,策划 ;如果您选择到前台上我

EN: That leaves me with no choice but to start squeezing
ZH: 只剩下我别无选择,但要启动压缩

EN: And I hope they stop breathing
ZH: 我希望他们停止呼吸

EN: Because if they do pull through, in the hospital beds
ZH: 因为如果他们做度过难关,在医院病床

EN: They'll be squealing - talking to these D's man
ZH: 他们会将告密-这些 D 男人说话

EN: They don't waste no time, they want answers
ZH: 他们不会浪费时间,他们想要的答案

EN: Even if you're still bleeding
ZH: 即使你还在流血

EN: Homey I'm on the fleezy
ZH: 我在 fleezy 上有温馨

EN: I ain't got no time neither I'm making money off of this - it's too easy!
ZH: 我不是没有时间也不我赚钱这个-它是太容易了 !

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]