Mk Ultra - Out With The Stars lyrics

Out with the stars–
They make me feel small.
Out with future plans–
I should learn to fall like a leaf,
Life can be sweet.

In with the clowns–
They're good to have around.
There's a lesson in their
Pale of confetti:
Life is little more than
Promise and empty threat.

I've been in my garden
Mapping out the world,
Past the hedgerows
I founded Mexico.
The rooting plums marked
Eurpoe as my turnip patch.
Where I saw ants movving sand
I invented Iraq and Iran.

Hello Lilac! Do you remember me?
I was your Hummingbird,
I crossed your sullen sea.
When you get that Swallow
Out of your mouth
Give me a call.
You used to be my all.