Mixel Pixel - At The Arcade lyrics

Please don't be shy,

I'm not a tough guy,

Electric, that's how I feel,

Around you I go so crazy,

I love you, I don't mean maybe,

Noxema white with skin just like Barbie,

You've got my heart,

Let's take a photograph,

Feel just like Jimmi Hendrix on butane,

At the arcade I saw you playing Miss Pacman,

You had on a pink bikini and your shoulders were sunburned,

I threw down my quarters

And I looked into your big blue eyes,

We went down to the beach and I rolled out some reefer,

I felt like I was in a Duran Duran video,

And by the way you were acting I knew that I was gonna get with you,

The summer's here and school is over,

Forget your fucked up parents and lets go,

I know a good place down in the valley,

We can get lost on all the back roads,

This chick named Brenda has a Jacuzzi,

Her mom and dad are in the Bahamas,

And we just scored some killer acid,

We can watch our heads explode just like a car crash,

Go down to the basement and pretend we're dead,

Sitting in the love light you look just like an angel,

And I don't give a fuck what the fuck they say about us,

Drive to the supermarket and bang out in the parking lot,

You don't have to be horny until 11:30,