Mithras - The Twisted Tower lyrics

We fled the thing of stone
A monster I evoked
Then we ran in terror
Into the tower contorting towards the skies
From high within these walls I see
The golem strides past relentlessly
Far into the distant waves
Then deep beneath the sea

We've escaped for now
But yet I know we must
Traverse the great ocean
To reach the place of dreams

Above us the great hole twists
This tower towards the heavens
And we are also drawn
Ever upwards towards the skies
There are voices within these walls
And something haunts our minds
Bidding us to its peak
But we must resist:

We must leave this place
As it leads us to our doom
Do not heed the calling
Or you will be left behind

But a few escape
And to our horror
The hole grabs this obelisk
Taking it into the sky