Mistweaver - Baneful Winds lyrics

I long for those days
With tears in my eyes
See my whole life
I wish I could go back

Baneful winds
Blowing up for me
Mourning comes
At dawn I'll die

Soon I'll be eternal
Death's my deliverance
Into the nothingness
Blinded by madness

And the baneful winds
Will blow up for me
Under baneful skies
At dawn I'll die

I don't fear my death
I wait with my eyes wide open
My heart once pure and good
Is now black as the darkest of nights

I'll take revenge

When you feel the baneful winds
You'll be caressed by death
Understand your time has come
And now you're gonna die

Baneful winds

Baneful winds
Blowing up for you
Mourning comes
At dawn you'll die