Mistah F.A.B. - What Huey Told Me lyrics (Chinese translation). | Last night I had a dream that I spoke with huey
, Told me that he love and respect what I do for the...
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Mistah F.A.B. - What Huey Told Me (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Last night I had a dream that I spoke with huey
ZH: 昨晚我做了我和惠谈梦

EN: Told me that he love and respect what I do for the community
ZH: 告诉我,他爱和尊重我为社会做些什么

EN: Said the power and the people, if people use their power
ZH: 说: 权力和人民,如果人们使用他们的权力

EN: Building the infrastructure, first get rid of them cowards
ZH: 基础设施建设、 第一次摆脱他们的懦夫

EN: Stand firm on your belief and supoort it with truth
ZH: 立场坚定信仰和支持上它与真理

EN: Create an army full of soldiers and rally the troops
ZH: 创建一支军队的士兵充分和集结部队

EN: Education is key, attack with a proper approach
ZH: 教育是关键,以适当的方式攻击

EN: Stay clear headed, no alcohol, weed or the dope
ZH: 明确领导的逗留、 无酒精、 大麻或毒品

EN: Learned from my mistakes, control and dominate
ZH: 从我的错误教训,控制和支配

EN: Destroy and procreate, we rise to elevate
ZH: 摧毁和生育了我们崛起提升

EN: Politicians tell lies to rise cause they hela fake
ZH: 政客说谎上升导致他们 hela 假

EN: Revolutionary suicide, beside selling face
ZH: 革命的自杀,旁边卖的脸

EN: Religion and slavery, pastors just be sellin faith
ZH: 宗教和奴役,牧师只是被塞的信念

EN: Promise in heaven, knowing we in hell this place
ZH: 保证在天堂里,我们知道在地狱这个地方

EN: Thin line before hero and a villain’s place
ZH: 在英雄和恶棍的地方之前的细线

EN: The card game is real, you know just how they feel the apes
ZH: 纸牌游戏是真的,你知道的只是他们感觉猿

EN: Gentrification is rebuilding a vare nation
ZH: 绅士重建的片型国家

EN: Pushing south, forces the hopandation
ZH: 南推,部队 hopandation

EN: While they make the things that was ugly, beautiful
ZH: 虽然他们是又丑又美丽的东西

EN: The ghetto turned pretty, that’s annihilate then
ZH: 犹太人区挺漂亮的打开,然后已消灭

EN: Politicians truth that they hide in the text books
ZH: 他们隐藏在文本书籍中的政客真相

EN: They know we won’t read it, so put it in the textbooks
ZH: 他们知道我们不会读它,所以把它放在教科书中

EN: Rather give us welfare, to fund the warfare
ZH: 而是给我们的福利,以资助战争

EN: Deny us the healthcare, knowing it’s a war here
ZH: 拒绝我们的医疗保健,知道这一场战争在这里

EN: Ghetto systematically, forces to search for salary
ZH: 犹太人有系统地,部队搜索的薪金

EN: Materialistic praises, the reason of casualties
ZH: 唯物称赞,伤亡的原因

EN: Prison systems built daily, wise men drove crazy
ZH: 监狱系统每日,建智者开车疯狂

EN: Europe at the corner store, call you cousin and then say pay me
ZH: 街角的商店,在欧洲打电话给你表哥然后说付给我

EN: Fuck you, in his own language
ZH: 去你的在他自己的语言

EN: And if you don’t, he will pull out that chrome stainless
ZH: 如果你不他会拔出那铬不锈钢

EN: The suspect named be said, if he black on the news
ZH: 犯罪嫌疑人名叫说,如果他黑色的新闻

EN: And if he not black, you know that his name remain nameless
ZH: 如果他不是黑色的你知道他的名字仍无名

EN: You know I ain’t racist, I know too many races
ZH: 你知道我不是种族主义,我知道太多的种族

EN: I got a lot of friends, from many different nations
ZH: 我从许多不同的国家有很多的朋友,

EN: And we just tryina build one brotherhood
ZH: 我们只是刚刚在努力建立一个兄弟会

EN: But man that’s all when you know that your brother would
ZH: 但是人就是当你知道你的兄弟会

EN: Kill you at the quickness of your brother could
ZH: 你在你弟弟的敏捷可以杀

EN: Get you for anything he found like another jug
ZH: 把你的东西他发现像另一个水罐

EN: And they wanna blame these problems on obama
ZH: 他们想要归咎于这些问题上奥巴马

EN: Knowing damn well they were bush’s problems, on my mama.
ZH: 知道他妈他们布什的问题,在我的妈妈。