Mistah F.A.B. - My Daughters Mother (Realist Shit I Never Wrote 5 Mixtape) (2012)

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Mistah F.A.B. - My Daughters Mother (Realist Shit I Never Wrote 5 Mixtape) lyrics

See, what my heart fin to be
Cause I got a daughter man that just turned 3
And I've been there, everyday of her life
Make sure every night I give her a kiss man good night
Yeah, got love for a mom
Cause a mom never blew up, never ever dropped the bomb
Even know I did some thangs that weren't always 100
No matter what I did lil mama kep it 100
Know I did wrong, know I broke your heart
I know I act stupid, when I could have been smart
I know it wasn't right, I know it always wasn't your fault
And whenever you did wrong, I tried to make it your fault
And when I did wrong, you know how it go
Never disrespect me, never acted like a hoe
Never flipped the script, never acted like a bitch
Always love for me, and you never did switch
Never got back, never tried to give me head
Never tried to give me strip, never tried to give me lick
Never cause one time I got mad at me quick
Even know I did some stuff, that just was playing sick
Thinking with my other part, yeah my dick
Wasn't thinking with my head, got a nigga in some shit
But one thang about you, you always stay solid
And even when it was hard, we made it through college
Now you're in the school where you doing what you do
So this song right here, this like my letter to you
Letter to my mother's child cause I don't call you baby mama
Cause when you say that word, that just mean more drama
Back to liberty, liberty is so smart,
It's the better thing I ever did make with my heart
Ever since my mama died, I ain't never know I love
Till I look at my daughter then I can see above
See the stars, see the skies, see the moon, see the sun
See, everything I wanted nah I ain't never wanted a son
Got a daughter I was proud and I think I'm gonna stop
She's the only thing I love close to hip hop
Hip hop the only thing I love close to her
Put everything I just wanna be close to her
When everything I'm stressed out at night
When I can't sleep, I wake up and I call my daughter up on the phone
Yeah, I bought her a phone
So I could call her when I'm out on the road
Got a face time with her, we can see each other a while
So when I'm gone on the road, I just miss mi daughter's smile
Hear my daughter's voice, see my daughter's shape, see my daughter's size
Man she looking great, see my daughter learn
Counting up to 10, counting to 100
She did it again, the other day my daughter just wrote a new name
On a paper, blew my brain
Man she writes now, and this exciting now
Reading a couple of words, got me striking down
Mama from heaven, I know she smiling down
Cause everything I'm doing, how I hold it down
Watch my daughter man, fix my daughter food
Do everything my mama did did for do
This is true story, not to be rude
This is for my daughter, and her mama, part 2
A letter to my mother's child, thank you've been treal
Thank you for never been phoney, thanks for being real
To all the real it fathers out there that keep it true
Take care of your kids cause that is a part of you
And I'ma tell you a thang right here in support
To every baby mama that ain't never went to court
Ain't never went to trial, ain't never took the state
Ain't never had they son or they daughter took away
Ain't never told the dad that they couldn't see his seed
Only thing that they ask is don't smoke no weed
Don't drink around they kid, don't do nothing ballistic
Don't do nothing twisted, don't do nothing trippy
Just be a good man and take care of your child
And you can have whatever she ... see your daughter smile
To every real woman that need a man in they life
To hold they seed up, to raise they child right
I'm thankful of y'all cause y'all the reason you the queen
To every black man that realize he a king
To you deadbeat niggas, you don't deserve to see a kid
Wish you knock down, you niggas ain't shit
How the hell you have a child and never wanna see your son
Or your daughter, and claim a man
That you be the one, niggas so phoney
Niggas so fake, just can't wait to see it
Wanna see her face
If you a real parent put your hands up
For real fathers, real mothers, this for y'all, stand up.