Mistah F.A.B. - Hula Hoop lyrics

I just wanna see ya body do the hula hoop
And imma take it to the whole like you the hoop
Cause u so cute
You so fine
Girls u a dime
Come wit me girl get out of that line
Cause I just wanna see ya body do the hula hoop
And imma take it to the whole like you the hoop
Girl go get ur peeps
Me and my peeps party like we crazy
Would u be my pumpkin pie sweet baby

Verse 1:
Hey lil lady I love ur smile
Adore ur smile
You in town for a while?
Got a minute?
Got a second?
Got some time for me?
Cause like I said before you fine to me
Look good , smell great
Make me wanna tailgate
How much do ur mail weight
Need cheese to hold ur own
U jazzy
I can tell by the you hold ur phone
I know ur grown
But is u goin home alone?
My phone is on
So call me soon as the club in
Hop in this car and watch dub spin
Yeah I got hub friends
Single not no husbands
So run and tell ur girlfriends
That they can ride
Back seat up in this pearl benz
Do it all night and make their world spin
Bouncin and twirlin
Duckin and curlin
All up in ur gut till u urll hen
Is that all right with u my lil girlfriend?


Verse 2:
I see you movin up and down
Like a rollercoaster
Hey lil mama can I please get to know ya?
Back seat of a rova
Do it like rova
I just like that man Jay-hova
S.S. Nova
Golden state coloa's
Body toned up
Girl I hate blubba
No cottage cheese on thighs
No please
And u gotta have scratch
And I dont mean fleas
Baby no kids
Although I love the children
Be a step dad
Right there I aint feelin
But ur tude is killin
Rude and appealin
Superwoaman feelin
Gucci glasses hangin off of ur nose
Channel great smell
Commin off of ur clothes
From your hand shake
Your hands are soft fa sho
I toss u mo
As I floss u know


Verse 3:

Come here
Let me peep ya
I jsut wanna freak ya
Two way number beeper
Yeah its all secret
Miss ya like monifah
Use to smoke the reefah
Quit it cause I dont needa da cheeba
To get u in the jeepa
Hit it to u sleepa
3 a clock creepa
Cake mix beat ya
Sav how I treat ya
After hours meet ya
Back of the bleachas
Let me be your teacher
Do u think that you could keep up
Girl you work your body
Poppin up ur nanny
Use a garlic hottie
Doin the club hoppin
Twistin the hulahoop
Makin you look cute
Whatcha play fo
Nanny I never pay for
Bet u betta stay low
For u get put on my pay roll
Make me say ay-yo
Shakin for paseos
Hips tockin like hands on a seiko
Hit it like Canseco
Hold It down like wacco