Missy Elliott - Lick Shots lyrics

You don't want to speak my name
Mess around and get that ass blown away
Full gon' away
I neva like ya tail anyway
Missy got somethin to say
I ride down the block in an Escalade
Bling, bling all in ya face
I think you might need to put on ya shades
I know you feel me though
Ya hatin on me but you hear me though
20 inch rims sittin crazy low
AHHHH! I'ma crazy hoe
I'ma keep the party live
Me and Timbaland gonna flip it tonight
Keep ya hands in the sky
Wave 'em round like ya crazy high

hah time to lick shots time to see u dance hey you why u frontinnnn

You don't know who I be
Ya mammy neva told you not to fuck wit' me
If I give ya head you'll neva leave
Stop sweatin' me
Flip it on the black hand side
Looka here boy don't you even try
Make me dislocate ya spine
Me rings put the shine like turpentine
What you comin' round here now fo'
Baby hell no you just want my dough
Get ya black ass on the flo'
Fool touch me that's a no, no
Mr. DJ won't you play that song
Tell them freaks shake they nasty thongs
Hey boys won't you sing along
'Cause we gon' rock the party 'till the early morn.