Missionshifter - Profanity lyrics

These are the words that come with no reason
With every breath minus thought screaming treason
Homophobic epitaphs hate filled and racist
Leaving me with a cavity
Guilt filled with distrust
The words i say they dig my grave i swear someday they'll be my undoing
These are the things i do when nothing is working
The anger fills inside like compression building
The tidal waves too big the dyke isnt holding
Should i walk away or should i start swinging
And just like that i blow my top i swear someday somebody's gonna put me down
Now is the time my head feels like caving
In twisted thoughts rising up self sickening
Well i do my best to look before i leap
But in the end apologies come so cheap
Before i slip i catch myself i swear someday i'll step over the edge