Miocene - Pure lyrics

Light/sunlight filters through my eyes/and I can't see/but I know it's alone
Pure light/echoes though my mind/like water flows

You trip when you lie to me/cuz I don't hear you calling, no
And I don't see your passion no more, no, no

I/want/to be (so pure)
I/need/to breathe (so pure)

I/when I'm walking/when I'm walking backwards
Towards lights and/towards lights and sirens
I didn't know that/that my heart was dreaming
Or that demons pull me while I write this, while I write this

I/want/to be (so pure)
I/need/to breathe (so pure)

Sealed eyes calling
Feel I'm falling

And I remember I looked in her blue eyes
And I could only see a reflection
I felt like something might really have changed
And I remember how I became as crushed as she was
With just a few words and a kiss I slowly, gently, sickeningly fell deeper into my nightmare
And it all comes back to me in one blinding moment of clarity
But for now/and in the meantime
All I can feel is myself rising up
Feel myself rising up

No/these dreams of you reflected in my clear eyes
So crystal clear nothing since you stole their colour now
Still I feel these stupid dreams And still I'll raise my head to look at you
The same stupid insolent way you raised your head to look at me
And still I'll make you answer the question
Well what a stupid fucking question

What's the point in searching when this beast won't sleep?
Wake the fuck up and step through this