Minus Story - There Is A Light lyrics

There is a light that you have inside
It hides in your mouth and behind your eyes
It's gold and it's white, it's right as the sky
And out through your mouth, it leaks when you die

Out through your mouth and into the night
You hover between the earth and the sky
And what now is yours, someday will be mine
My father, my son, arranged in a line

You were my eyes when I was struck blind
And you were my mouth when I could not cry
But you'll hold my hand when I lie
And I will hold yours when it's my time

There is a song you hear when you die
The clapping of hands or voices on high
But out of the dark your voice will arive
So close to my ear, my old lover sighs

The darkness you'll find will come like a tide
You seperate from pain and all that can bind you
And you won't have ears and you won't have eyes
And nor will you want for whiskey or wine

And I have a name, a place and a time
More solid than stone and stronger than vine
The week as a word is my body alined
And thin as the air I'll be when I die