Millionaire - Ballad Of Pure Thought lyrics

I'm sorry that I had to go out on my own investigation
If only I had known it would cause this separation,
Stupid of me, to behave like I was free,
For the taking, please don't forsake me
If only I could make her, feel a little better
Take away these ugly thoughts,
Exorcise the demons that I brought

I must find, a state of mind, that deals with the temptation,
I know I'm gonna find, a way to rise above her expectations
Of me and all that I could be, dedication in a relation,
Is more then any flirt
I'm cleaning up the dirt, I'm gonna steal those haunted
Dreams, lift us up to something more supreme

I always thought it would be easy,
We'd see it and feel it,
But nothing is less true,
As tears tell
It's hardcore and painful