Milli Millz - Breathe (2013)

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Milli Millz - Breathe lyrics

I can't breathe, this chokehold got a hold of me
Used to do robbery, praying that they don't notice me
Holding narcotics, I'm paranoid 'fore I go to sleep
Police got my cousins by dozen that's why I'm so discrete
I used to be on the corner battling for a name
Now I'm packing out shows, fans screaming my name
Telling my girl that I love her, praying I'll never change
Praying I'll never loose integrity to all this fame
Mama I'm killing this game, bring me a casket please
Feel like a dream when you dreamed because reality
Giving my niggas all these groupies just to smash at least
Trigger busting that'll have you jumping like you have to pee
Shit I left the street, my Vato's will (?) for me
Bet I call him right now he from (?)
Seen a bigger picture, send 'em as in HD
Released all my past, it was holding now I can breathe


The shit I'm smoking on something here, imported from Cuba
Needed these new diamonds, got me BBM'in my jeweler
I got 2 watches on my wrist, just to show you what the squad could do
Time is money and dummy I'm so ponctual
Night vision we still grind through the night
And that tunnel pitch black, tryna find it throught the light
The Detour got me buzzin' now
Download, shit it probably hit a 100 thou'
And every interview I say that this a blessing
Cause to make it where I made it mean I learnt a couple lessons
Mean I burned a couple bridge, mean I lost a couple friends
Mean some niggas passed away, mean I emptied out some hands
Mean I lost a little weight, tryna hustle for my aunt
Mean these bitches tryna cross me but they never got a win
So fuck it ! I'm just doing me, just like your bitch is
Now a nigga could breathe it's back to business