Millencolin - Pain (The Melancholy Collection Album) (1999)

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Millencolin - Pain (The Melancholy Collection Album) lyrics

When I saw you, I was not even looking
I heard you scream without raising your voice
Will I run or let you have your fun
I feel like I ain't got no choice

But Maybe I ask too much or walk in the wrong direction
All those thoughts drive me insane
And I wonder how long I fell this

Pain, is not really what it is
No, it's something different with a different name
And you, you never tell me a damn thing
I hope someday I'll learn to play this game

Fear, of course I fear the unknown
Because the unknown is a stranger to me
But if you erase the pj's
Then what could a stranger be
That remains to be seen

Life goes on, it's just the same every day
Life goes on, though you think you feel this pain