Miles From Midnight - The Cure lyrics

now i can breathe by myself and for the rest of my life
i never tried to face the facts when i was falling apart
you lived inside the situation when i was not around

ok, the games not fair but i will play anyway

tonight you're what i want, and i don't know for sure
if you are the answer
and i don't have the cure
you're infected
i'm effective
i'm in you

i can remember the day that led to the final call
the reason i have found isn't complicated at all
now there's no feeling, no emotion now that i am around

consider me
don't make a sound
take the chance
don't think about
you wanted to
you're never free
but never say it was up to me
i built my life up against your will
so why is about how you feel
i should have blamed you alone
i realize it's all up to me

if this is life
what you call life
i'd rather stay and put up a fight
regret the words i said before
say maybe you more

allright, you're what i want...