Mile Kitic - Sankeru (2008)

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Mile Kitic - Sankeru lyrics

Rekla mi je usput, rekla
She told me, by the way, she told me
da je neko drugi ceka
that someone else is waiting for her
nisam sada lud da placem
i'm not crazy now to cry
sto je drugi svlace
because someone else undresses her

Idem negde sa ekipom
i'm going somewhere with a few people
brze bolje mojim dzipom
faster better in my jeep
bas do prvo diskoteke
to the first discoteque
da uz ruke neke stare vadim fleke
that with the old hands i take out the stains (??)

Sankeru, nocas budi drug
Sanker, be different tonight
cele noci pice toci i tako u krug
pour out drinks all night like that in a circle
sankeru, prijatelju moj
Sanker, my friend
ako je zaboravim, bicu duznik tvoj
if i forget her, i'll be in debt to you

Samo sipaj i ne stedi
just pour out, and don't hold back
tako ona manje vredi
like that she's worth less
sve su one manje vise
and everyone is worth a little more
znam to, samo bivse
i know, only exes

Evo, krecu narodnjaci
here, the nationalists are starting
nazdravljaju mi ortaci
my fellows are saying "Cheers" to me
dok mi ture nove salju
while they shove new jokes at me
kazu, to, kralju, lud si za medalju
they say, king, you're crazy for medals

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